JIBON Platform is a joint initiative of USHA Bangladesh & PSL Foundation, to help the covid-19 patient. We want to help COVID-19 patients to get Plasma and Blood in the right way. Serious patients who really need plasma or blood can easily get by contacting donors. In the near future we want to provide more medical services such as telemedicine, emergency medical services, ambulance services, medical products etc.

USHA BANGLADESH was established in 1995 by a group of young women aimed at help women and children of the poor and underprivileged section of the society in improvement of their overall socioeconomic sate. The USHA BANGLADESH is a non-profit voluntary development organization. It’s a local and project oriented implementing NGO.

PSL Foundation

The objective of this PSL Foundation is to provide drinking water and sanitation systems for Primary schools in remote southern coastal areas of Bangladesh which may be located outside the government provided power grid, or within the electric grid but with limited public utilities such as running water or operational sewage services.


Bangladesh is a developing country with critical shortage of medical supplies. It was of vital importance to provide assistance in the shortest possible time to remote coastal regions. The transportation and communication system has been shut down to limit the spread of COVID-19 virus as a mandated lockdown situation was prevalent across the country.

In the first few weeks of April 2020, we managed a small group of concerned citizens of Bangladesh gathered to address the impending COVID -19 pandemic that has affected over 200 nations globally, resulting in a health and financial crisis of proportions unseen in modern history. In rural Bangladesh, this condition was expected to peak around the end of April. The combined effort of USHA Bangladesh, PSLF (Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation), UBOMUS, provided the much needed supplies in the face of the prevailing difficult circumstances. They managed to distribute the supplies to the affected areas in spite of logistic hurdles to 41 Medical Centers and 10 individual doctors across the country.